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[IP] Freestyle


I understand how you feel.  It is incredibly stressful to see these 
things happen to our children.  I know you are doing a great job! I 
have some concerns about the freestyle meter.  I reported to the 
company and the FDA recently an incident where the meter was 
200 points off.  The test was a finger test.  I would have treated 
what I thought was a high had I not woken up my husband who 
suggested a retest with a different meter.  When we looked closely 
at the freestyle strips some of them looked odd.  The sites for 
blood application were different sizes on some of the strips. I have 
not heard back from the company.  

Lisa,  mother to Eric, 6yrs old, pumping May 2001

<<<I'm sitting here, crying and wondering how I am going to do it.  
Josh really hard tonight, well the hardest he has crashed in a very 
long time.  >>>
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