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RE: [IP] Re: Glucose during surgery question

I had core decompression surgery on one of my shoulders in June and wore  my
pump during surgery.  My Ortho surgeon never said a word about glucose.
When the Anesthesiologist came to talk to me before surgery I asked them not
to give me glucose and she said they wouldn't-and as far as I know, they
didn't.  My blood sugar stayed quite stable and I woke up with 189 blood
sugar, which wasn't too bad.   I also called & spoke to someone in the
anesthesia dept. previous to surgery just to make sure they were aware of my
pump and also asked about not receiving glucose.  You might want to contact
them before your surgery and discuss it with them.

I hope surgery goes well for you!!

Brenda: )

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<<  how do they know how  much to give you and do they tell you how much is
in there?  Also, to carb  count it, would it be 4 grams of carb per .....
ummmm ????

   I am having knee surgery in two weeks and although my
 orthopaedic surgeon says they "always" use glucose (but couldn't give me a
 reason why) my endo (who is at Joslin btw) included in his letter that
 fluids NOT include glucose.

 Also, if anyone can answer the carb question that would be useful if I do
 need to adjust for this.

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