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Re: [IP] Need help...Allergy to tape?

> I need help...the IV3000 tape and the other tape that is included in
> the sof-set infusion set is leaving me with hives and broken
> skin.....I know you've all written about this a hundred times but
> all the latest stuff I can find seems to be about how to make tape
> stickier and last longer...I need to know how to protect my skin and
> other alternatives to these tapes?????  I have just inserted into
> the last "safe" place I have...after today, any new sites would be
> taping over areas of skin that are irritated...the tapes worked fine
> for the first month and now they are just hurting me...got any
> suggestions?

You might want to see an allergist. You can run some simple tests 
yourself by cutting 1" squares of various tapes and putting them on 
your skin to see how you reacts after a few days.

here's  list of products that might help -- try the skin test with 
various skin prep products as well. These may protect you if your 
allergy is mild.

Barrier wipes:
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44   order no.
37444 IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew

Bard Protective Barrier  Film, -- liquid and wipes
Catalog # 740013
made by  C.R. Bard Inc.
Murray Hill NJ 07974

Tapes and tape patches:
Hypafix like a cotton bandaid
3m Micropore
Kendall Polyskin II
Bioclusive Transparent Dressing - various sizes
    Johnson & Johnson Medical,  Inc. reorder 2461
various paper tapes available at pharmacies

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