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Re: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2001 09:46:11 EDT
From: email @ redacted

> He also asked me, after a low event, if he'd ever be able to live alone and 
> if he did how could he survive a low episode like the ones he had. All I 
> could tell him was that we'd do everything we could to help him learn how to 
> live with D and that he had to be more responsible about his health than I 
> ever thought about being when I was young.

i was diagnosed with dm type 1 in my 40's and it still made my mother
and father (and me, DKA) cry. but we avoided the tremendous difficulties
of caring for a young child type 1.

what i want to say is that i have been living by myself (well, with my
cat) for most of 15 years. i am a brittle diabetic with many many severe
hypos behind me. hypoglycemic unaware. one morning i woke up on the
kitchen floor with hundreds of little pieces of tinfoil scattered
around. i guess i had spent hours trying to open a pack of life savers.
it's tough, it ain't fair, but you play the cards you're dealt and learn
how to deal with it. your son can absolutely live a good life living by
hinself, or likewise with a supportive partner.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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