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RE: [IP] I want to scream and cry!

From: "Kathy Bruckmeyer" <email @ redacted>

I have been trying like the devil to stop smoking and am doing pretty well
at it.  I feel so lousy, who wants to put one in my mouth anyway???  This
after 34 yrs of smoking!  I just want to feel better.
Kathy b.
keep trying not to smoke. if you backslide and begin again do not beat
yourself up. it just makes the next try easier. do whatever it takes
(gum, patch, psychotropic). i was a diabetic type 1 smoker for about 15

personally i am convinced that nicotine is a short lived quick
antidepressant for some of us with terrible long term side effects.
smoking had nothing to do with keeping my hands busy, or peer pressure,
or anything but allowing me to function and think. 

i was of course aware of the double whammy of nicotine and type 1 dm. it
took me 2 years of constant effort to finally stop. in the end what did
it for me was to stop buying packs and buy rolling papers and tabacco. i
would keep this at home and roll from 3 to 6 a day. when i left the
house, drove, worked etc i had no smokes. this phased in a good habit.
eventually got down to 3 a day, ran out, and haven't smoked since. it is
no accident that wellbutrin helps some people stop. nicotine is just
another antidepressant, get a better one.

chris parsons
T1 84 HTRON Plus 99
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