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[IP] Re: venting

Hi Josh's mom,

I think all of us mom's and dad's are allowed to have a melt down anytime we want. My last one happened to be at Six Flags last summer. I was watching my 10 and 12 year old daughters play at the water park (My 14 year diabetic son does not like to swim with his pump) when I noticed a beautiful bald little boy about 6 years old.  He had a hep-lock(sp) in his chest.  He was having a blast.  I was just sitting there in my beach chair in awe of his spirit.  His mom sat by me and asked me where that bathrooms were.  After I told her the little boy came up and I asked him how the water was. He had the biggest smile I had ever seen!  After he went back into the water I told his mom about my son and how he was so unwilling to wear his pump to places like this and  how he didn't like his infussion site to show.  We agreed that being a teen would make it difficult to be so carefree.  I told her how I admired her courage to let him have fun and his courage for exposing himself so freely !
like that.  I wished my 14 year 
old could have seen him.  Well, after they left I couldn't keep the tears from falling.  I had my sun glasses on  so no one really noticed I quess.   I was just so full of sadness for all of us mom's who deal with such life threatening diseases.  Sometimes your just crusing along and bang the weight of this dieseas just hits you in the chest like a cannon ball.  It's weird how it hits you, I wasn't even in any sort of diabetes related event (sounds like an Olyimpic activity- maybe it really is!) I told my husband later-"You cried at Six Flags?, he said. O well my family still loves me and I could care less about the people at Six Flags- except for that beautiful little boy and his mom.
Janet in Ohio
Kevin's mom
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