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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V5 #422

>>There are something over 1 to 1.4 million Type 1's in the US if my
memory serves me right -- population about 350 mil. It has nothing to
do with kids per-se. The distribution in the population should be
pretty uniform with a higher than average incidence for those of
scandinavian decent. Whether or not a particular school has above or
below that average is not statistically very interesting because the
numbers are too small. A sample of 3 or 10 or whatever (that size)
can't be used to draw any conclusions. Maybe Jim H can comment on how
and when you can draw conclusions based on sample size.

email @ redacted<<

I realize the 1/300 has nothing to do with "just" kids, but my point 
was that just because they are kids with diabetes, they don't 
necessarily have Type 1.  The number of kids at those schools with 
higher incidence rates could be thrown off by factoring in Type 2 
diabetics.  I think it is meaningless to place any significance on it 
one way or another.  One school's lower incidence rate balances 
another schools higher one!

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