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[IP] Re: mom's anguish

Aloha, I almost cried when I read your message.  I was dx'd at 7.  My mother 
was over protective in the first place but this gave her a reason.  This was 
very hard on my family.  I never appreciated it when my mom would ask, "did 
you drink your milk?' or " Have you eaten your snack?' or the worst, "is 
THAT in your diet?"  This was before the pump.  I basiclly revolted against 
my mother all through high school and then when we moved to Florida.  I used 
to cheat, skip shots, eat whatever/ whenever I wanted.  She always knew, but 
she always was there when I rnded up in the hospital or in bed sick the next 
day.  Long story shoryt, (too late)  I moved to Hawaii about 4 years ago.  
Learned that there was noone to sit in the hosp room anymore.  My mom would 
not be there when I wake up.  This reality check is working wonders...I 
worte my mom a card last year on My birthday thanking her for givinf birth 
to me.  I expressed my gratitude and thanked her for EVERYTHING.  My eyes 
are open very wide now.  My mom and I talk weekly and I thank her for all 
the S**t she put up with  Every time, sahe laughs and tells me "it was her 
job"  I haven't comvinced her that I failed my job in being a responsible 
Diabetic.  We just laugh about it now.  She more than I.  But she is very 
excited about the pump.  She is coming in Jan to check on me and to see what 
this is all about!  One day he'll come around and realize all that you do 
for him.  Wait for it and embrace him, and his new knowledge!  My best 
wishes to you and your son!  Aloha a hui hou---...Jen & Tonic

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