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[IPn] (Disetronic Chat


Disetronic on the SECOND MONDAY of the month at 9P.M. EDT (2A.M. GMT)
in the Guest Room, so please come to the monthly chat. On September
10, John Odegard Marketing Manager for Disetronic Direct will host the
Chat in September. His topic will be the new InSight Diabetes
Information Management system for the D-TRON. InSight allows patients
to download their insulin delivery and blood glucose data
automatically, input carbohydrate intake and exercise data manually,
and graph all of this info in a variety of ways automatically. There
is also a professional version that allows customers to share their
information with their health care provider. The whole system is
delivered over the internet by a third party provider and has multiple
levels of security. It is one of the few systems currently available
that is fully Hippa compliant. -

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