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[IP] Questions- Heather

Hi Heather,
     I saw tour post and had to laugh because I am the same way with shoes.
First of all, believe it or not, Payless has the most comfortable stylish
shoes.....seriously.  There are also tons of things at shoe stores to make
crappy shoes more comfortable like gel heels, toe things, side grips that
stuck inside the shoe.  For the blisters, it is pretty well known that
people with diabetes heal slower.  I usually use neosporin and that take a
blister away in 3-5 days.  My doctor also prescribed me Bactroban, which is
a powerful antibiotic ointment.  I have better luck with band aids too.
     As for you being tired- I think diet has a LOT to do with sleepiness
and "deeling good".  Take it from someone who has boundless energy.  I eat
fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains like oatmeal, whole wheat bread or 9
grain bread, no processed meats, no sodium, no simple sugars like white
flour and crackers, I love salmon and tuna and baked chicken or turkey.
Now, I am human and eat crap once in a while...like sesame stucks or I will
have a few fries when a friend orders them.  I have also been trying to
incorporate olive oil into my homemade salad dressings.....just a dab, and I
really feel better and my hair is shiny now;)  I also exercise aerobically
(I am a swimmer as you may be able to tell by my email address and jog) at
least 5 days a week for a half hour to an hour and do light weight training.
Do you have a favorite sport?  I want to try karate or judo.  Well, I am
going off on tangents, so I hope this info helps.
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