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[IP] Re: a1c hgb - gold standard

(apologies if this comes through twice, lost connection as 
I hit send)
Sorry Spot, just using the same terminology our endo has 
used many 
times when discussing this issue. Perhaps he is just 
things (he does that sometimes, by his own admittance.) He 
seems to 
use the words glycosylated/glycated, etc interchangeably a 
lot. But 
like I said, probably just oversimplifying.
I know what I meant to say but obviously didn't convey it 
All I know is that our lab report says: 
glycohgb 9.1% calc a1c 7.8% - which is why I asked our endo 
about it 
in the first place. Ours is a calculated a1c which isn't as 
as a measured a1c (I'm told the measured a1c is the gold 
standard and 
also more expensive which is why our lab doesn't use it). 
So our endo 
places more importance on that glyc # than the calc a1c 
since it is 
the more accurate number (because it is an actual 
measurement and not 
a calculation.) But at our appts he tells us the calc 
a1c#...(I guess 
because that - the term a1c - is the more familiar one to 
Maybe because it is the lower one and he doesn't want us to 
feel bad? 
Who knows! LOL) So, in order of accuracy: measured a1c, 
measured glyc 
(or whatever), calc a1c. That was the gist of what I was 
trying to 
say before. I'll just keep my mouth shut from now on - it's 
not like 
I contribute much here anyway. ;)

take care, Kerri

Spot said:
No, glycosylation is not the same as A1c which is the 
hemoglobin which has incorporated glucose molecules into 
during formation. glycosylation is a relatively loose 
attachment of 
glucose to a protein. it is not something to measure 
because it 
doesn't change the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
like a1c does. that is why a lot of problems actually 
happen. the 
oxgen tensions are lower in the capillary beds resulting in 

uncontrolled angiogenesis.( sprouting of new blood 
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