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[IP] Re: carb counting

 >>> When I first got my pump ('93) it was a requirement that carb counting
be employed. With the proliferation of pumps that may not be true anymore.
Jack >>>

 > This saddens me. Why? Cuz I started pumping in '83 and my endo was a
pioneer. Today he tells me to stick with the exchange plan cuz it's easier!
I just found out 2 years ago there was such a thing as carb counting. I feel
even now he is *cheating* people out of using a pump cuz he thinks they'll
*fail.* After 19 years of him dealing with pumps, he still has about only
two dozen pumpers. Thanks to the 'net I have learned about 17 diff. things
about pumping that I had not been taught. :( (~_^)
Jan <

My guess is that most, if not all, doctors have low expectations for their 
patients.  If they see over and over that they just don't get it, they will 
put their energies where they can succeed better.  My guess is that more 
recent graduates, and those with higher education levels amongst their 
patients, will have higher expectations.

Jack email @ redacted
Please watch for the missing, especially my son.
One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory.
  - Rita Mae Brown
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