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[IP] Re: a1c hgb - gold standard

Sorry Spot, I was just using the same terminology that our 
endo has 
used on many occasions when discussing this issue. Perhaps 
he was 
just oversimplifying (he does that sometimes.) 
I know what I meant to say but obviously didn't convey it 
well, so 
I'll just keep my mouth shut. ;)

Spot said:
No, glycosylation is not the same as A1c which is the 
hemoglobin which has incorporated glucose molecules into 
during formation. glycosylation is a relatively loose 
attachment of 
glucose to a protein. it is not something to measure 
because it 
doesn't change the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood 
like a1c 
does. that is why a lot of problems actually happen. the 
tensions are lower in the capillary beds resulting in 
angiogenesis.( sprouting of new blood vessels).
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