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[IP] RE: 2 Questions?? Need advice!

 >> The other questoin is that I am contantly tired I am
talking 3 hour naps and 8-10 sleep at night! I know i
am a full time college student with diabetes but this
is starting to get me down. My bg are staying pretty
normal. Does anyone else out there have this problems?
Does anyone on here take vitiams that helps with
energy???? If so please let me know! Thanks for all
the advice!!
- -Heather <<

First make sure that your tiredness is not from something else, like sleep 
apnea, etc.  As I've mentioned in the area of depression, I was told to 
exercise and take vitamin B12.  These methods have also worked for me for 
tiredness.  When I mistakenly took B12 too late in the day, there was no 
chance to fall asleep, as I was wide awake.  I know that it does affect me 
in a positive way.  Exercise will also help me sleep better and have more 
energy during the day, YMMV.  I personally exercise as much as possible, 
although not as much as I would like.

Jack email @ redacted
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