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RE: [IP] Animas experiences good and bad

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Jay Watson wrote:
I have used an H-Tron for the duration of its 5 yr. warranty and have been
instructed to replace it with a new pump (one with a warranty).  I am
at all three manufactures, but know very little about Animas.  Does anyone
have any experiences regarding interactions with Animas Inc.  I'd also like
know if anyone has any issues about break-downs etc. of their pump.
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I switched from the H-TronPlus to Animas in March. The new features
important to me were .05 basal increments, extended boluses, temp basal
duration setting, and ability to load a less-than-full cartridge with fairly
accurate insulin remaining reading. The D-Tron has similar features but I
like the appearance of the Animas over the D-Tron.

I've found their support to be fantastic! They've answered all my
questions - if the person you first talk to can't, they find someone who
can. Got a quick callback when I woke up one morning with a continuous alarm
that I couldn't stop. Quick answer - take the batteries out for a moment.
This alarm was the result of one problem they are having - not with the
pump, but with the plastic cartridges. I had two pumps replaced because of
occlusion alarms and priming problems. It seems that there have been some
problems with some plastic cartridges. This is a design problem they are
working on correcting. If it's even slightly out of shape it can cause
occlusion alarms. There's probably a better explanation but that's how I
understood it. Be aware that this has only happened to me with two
cartridges. If it happens again I will just change the cartridge, but they
dealt with my past problems by exchanging the pump (next day). I found out
this information when talking to one of their reps who had called as a
follow-up to my latest pump return.

My few dislikes (far outweighed by the benefits):
1. In spite of the accuracy available for basals (.05), all totals (basal
and bolus history) are reported in whole numbers. So my 7.75 basal profile
is reported as 8 units.
2. The remaining insulin is reported in 5-unit increments - it doesn't tell
you that in the manual.

I am very pleased with my pump and with the Animas support.


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