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Re: [IP] glucowatch

At 02:45 AM 9/7/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>For those of you that have used the glucowatch in the clinical trials, what
>has been your experience?   Is this a product that you will continue to use?


>Were there any bad side effects, etc?

The first study I did was for 24 hours.  I couldn't wait to get those 
things off of me.  It was in the summer in AZ so I was perspiring slightly 
so basically the thing didn't do any ready for the entire last part of the 
study but I still had to finish the study just in case.

The 2nd study I did was 12 hours.  From the so called new and improved I 
now have nice little marks on my arms from the glucowatch.

For me what's the point to where something that takes 2-3 hours to 
caliberate, test every 20 minutes if you zero perspiration, and is 
uncomfortable?  No value that I can see.

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