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Re: [IP] I want to scream and cry!

>The symptoms you describes in this vent about the breathing and the >chest 
>pains and ending up ion the ER having all the cardiac tests done >and 
>everything being fine sounds EXACTLY like what I went through >almost two 
>years ago.

I went through the same thing about ten years ago myself.  It started during 
a very humid summer, so at first I thought it was just the humidity.  Onceit 
got cooler and the pains etc. didn't go away, I sought help.  They ran every 
test imaginable.  (The nurse joked that she was just going to install a cot 
in the back of the office for me, since I was there so often.)

They thought I had asthma, but when the meds didn't work, they finally 
diagnosed it as "Incubator Syndrome".  Apparently, people that have been in 
incubators as newborns have lung problems from it for the rest of their 
lives.  I still have bad days, especially when its humid, but for the most 
part, its just another thing to deal with.

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