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[IP] Seeking Advice on Problem With Private School

My 4 year old daughter is enrolled in a private Christian preschool 
in the San Diego area. She recently started pump therapy in August.  
The school is completely terrified of the pump.  They contacted their 
insurance carrier (Guide One) and of course the carrier said do not 
give insulin via the pump under any circumstances.  After talking to 
the insurance company, it appears this decision was made without 
seeking expert advice and complete lack of appropriate information. 
The preschool is part of a small grade school (K-8) and no onsite 
nurse is available.  Our only current option is for my wife to stay 
in the area of the school all morning so that she may be present to 
give the insulin bolus for snacks and lunch. This is obviously not a 
long-term solution.

I have received conflicting information regarding federal law (504, 
etc.) as it applies to private, religious schools.  They receive no 
federal funding. From what I have read, it appears that we have no 
legal leverage. However, a local attorney and one from Minimed said 
that the courts do not see a difference between public and private 
schools and that this is a violation of our rights.

Any advice from parents, attorneys or others out there?  This appears 
to largely be a fear and ignorance issue which we are working on. We 
have met with the school board and the door is not completely shut 
but appears to be closing.

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