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Re: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

Hi Sylvia

I have not walked in your shoes in regards to having a child with diabetes, 
but on an intellectual level I'm glad I'm the one who has it rather than my 
child or grandchildren. As far as having diabetes goes, however, it's normal 
for me. I don't remember my "other" life. I learned and learned and learned 
so that, most of the time, I go on autopilot (although I have my moments 
...). Most of the time, however, it's not that big a deal. I still pretty 
much do whatever I want and just automatically work around the diabetes. It 
took a lot of studying, though!

As for using alternate sites, however, I can give you the following: 

    New monitoring devices that use blood from your forearms or thighs may 
save wear and tear on your fingers. However, two sets of researchers 
reporting at the American Diabetes Association's scientific sessions in June 
warn that readings from alternate sites should be used only if you're 
unlikely to be experiencing fast blood-glucose changes.
    Researchers in California found that finger sites produced higher results 
when compared to readings taken from the forearm and thigh, particularly at 
60 and 90 minutes after a meal. German researchers noted that it took between 
27 and 34 minutes for blood taken from the forearm to register hypoglycemic 
    Both groups of researchers said pre-meal values were about the same for 
all sites.

That's a condensation of the following abstracts, which can be found on the 
ADA website (just do a search under "Scientific Sessions" or something like 
that):  214-OR and 444-P. You probably know this, but the ADA URL is 

Hey, you're doing good. It'll get you down once in awhile, but try not to let 
it do that too often. And please do let Josh know something about your 
feelings. It'll let him know that it's OK for *him* to hate it, too. :-)

Jan and Elvis
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