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RE: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent


I was 5 when I was diagnosed.  That was almost 24 years ago!  Be thankful that
we have glucose monitors now.  Back then, urine testing was the only way we
could test at home - and basically when you tested the urine, it showed what
your sugar levels were "earlier" - cause as you know - urine is made and
stored in the bladder.  So, depending on how long it had been since you'd gone
- that reading may have better described where you were 3 or 4 hours ago!  And
all that showed is if there was sugar in the urine or not - not the levels we
see today.

My mom went through h*ll with me when I was younger.  For me, when I have a
hypo reaction - it's almost like I'm in a dream.  I can see what's going on -
but can't control anything.  (I don't know if this is how everyone feels, but
that's the way it is for me).  I remember one time - it was around Halloween
and I had a hypo so mom gave me some of those chocolates that were wrapped in
foil with funny faces on them.  My sisters (3 years and 7 years younger than
me) still laugh to this day cause I was sitting there making faces back at the

I also remember one time getting into a fight with my mom - and I almost broke
her fingers!  I didn't mean to do it!!  I couldn't help it!  But, no matter
what I did - my mom stood by me and helped me through it - and I will never
forget that!

My family doctor wouldn't believe my mom that I got like this when I had a
hypo - so one morning we were at the laundromat which was right next to the
doctor's office - and I had a hypo.  (I also happened to have an appointment
scheduled for that afternoon).  So, mom took me to the doctor's office -  that
way the nurses would back her up when she told Doc how I acted.  They said I
spit the sucker they gave me back at them!

Just wanted to let you know - you're not alone in this - and Josh will someday
thank you for everything you've done for him!!

Deb in Southern Illinois
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