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[IP] surgical glucose stuff

I have read this many times and do believe it, but how do they know how much
to give you and do they tell you how much is in there?  Also, to carb count
it, would it be 4 grams of carb per ..... ummmm ????

- ----------------------------------------------------------
the common solution used is 5% D/W which contains 5 gms of glucose in each 100
ml's of solution 28 ml's = 1oz
glucose is pure carbohydrate so that is 5 gms per 100 ml. of carbs ask the
nurse how many ml's you had. they keep track of it all on your I and O flow
sheet. Adjust accordingly. They will still do their calculations and get an
order for coverage if you need it. you can give the coverage as a bolus with
your pump unless it is a Gestapo Hospital. spot
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