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[IP] a1c hgb - gold standard

To further confuse the a1c issue (grin) our lab does a calculated
vs a measured a1c (I think the measured a1c is the same one Jim
explaining. Don't ask me to repeat all the terminology - my
brain is taking a vacation right now. Hehe!) In other words, they
measuring the total glycosylation and (knowing that the a1c
X amount of the total hemoglobins) calculate the amount of
glycosylation of the a1c from that. (So it isn't the actual
amount of
glycosylation and therefore isn't quite as accurate as the
a1c test, but close enough. It is a lot cheaper and that's why
lab uses it.) From what I understand, the measured a1c is the one

that is the "gold standard" because it is checking the actual
of glycosylation.

Take care, Kerri
No, glycosylation is not the same as A1c which is the actual hemoglobin which
has incorporated glucose molecules into itself during formation. glycosylation
is a relatively loose attachment of glucose to a protein. it is not something
to measure because it doesn't change the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood
like a1c does. that is why a lot of problems actually happen. the oxgen
tensions are lower in the capillary beds resulting in uncontrolled
angiogenesis.( sprouting of new blood vessels).
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