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Re: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

>  He also asked me, after a low event, if he'd ever
> be able to live alone and 
> if he did how could he survive a low episode like
> the ones he had. All I 
> could tell him was that we'd do everything we could
> to help him learn how to 
> live with D and that he had to be more responsible
> about his health than I 
> ever thought about being when I was young. 

My heart goes out to you parents. You all have such
sensitivity and patience with the blurred line of
"control vs. controlling". I'm not a mother, but
having been a difficult teenager, I can't imagine what
I would have put my (generally nervous) mother
through, chasing me around with keto-stix and whatnot.
I wasn't dx'ed until I was 22, but I lived alone for 4
or so years with diabetes. Tell your son that he'll
adapt and do what he has to do to take care of
himself. I would set my alarm clock inthe middle of
the night pretty often and I made sure to tell people
I worked with about my condition.
Rememeber, especially during difficult times, live one
day at a time. Your children are healthy now, the
future is an overwhelming unknown and there are no
guarantees in life.

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