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[IP] Re: kidney tx

> From: "Kathy Bruckmeyer" <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] kidney transplant
> Hi, I'm sorry but I can't make out who sent this e mail...there is a lot
> information you missed during your session.

Perhaps there was a lot of info I didn't get written down in the 2 hours. ;)

> First of all, they don't let you out 2-3 days...you have to stay in there
> until you are breathing properly, eating properly, urinate properly and
> bowel movements properly.

I think the quicker dismissal was for the Living Donor. But they try to get
you out after you have passed gas, passed urine, and eating. They're #4 so
have quite a success rate. This dr. has been doing them since 1964. They
don't keep them 4-6 weeks like they used to so as to avoid the germs. One
out of 10 may have a rejection episode in that time and they feel it is
better they are at home than in the hosp. with super germs. That's why the
3x a week blood tests at first.

> Most of the times, you have to stay very close by the tx center because
> have to go back 3x a wk. for blood work up.  This is to test to make sure
> that the organ is working, that your levels are good, etc. etc. and then
> they make adjustments to your dosages of meds.

He mentioned about working closely with your assigned nurse and #'s can be
faxed also.

> If you are on medicare and already receiving dialysis, then medicare will
> pay for your drugs (used to be 3 yrs but now has changed to more)...that's
> why non compliance...people couldn't afford the drugs.

Something with Medicare changed recently and they'll cover 30 months after
your ins. Not clear right now on it. Another part of non-compliance is (with
lots of other meds/people) is they feel better so skip the meds. DON'T.
That's how my mom ended up in the ER twice since she felt okay and didn't
take potassium pills.

> Prednisone...sp?  some hospitals still use it but most don't.

Perhaps - but I'm talking only of the center I went to. That's their policy
for the last 3 years of non-use.

> As far as germs are concerned, you are to stay away from crowded places
> you have to wear a mask, not the other way around...so that you don't get
> germs.

This was not mentioned - however I'm on a support group list (similar to IP)
for 2 years and have personally met 4 of them as well as a man at our church
and none of them wears a mask. Perhaps in the beginning.

> You cannot drive, etc. for a while until all is healed and get the ok.

Reasonable. The L.D. I believe is whom he was referring to of driving early,
returning to work, etc.

> Are you going on the list?  If you have any questions or would like to
> w/anyone who has been a recipient, I can put you in touch with several
> people...

I compare it to pumping. We get people on IP who are scared of being
connected to a machine 24/7. I've been doing it 18 years and think nothing
of it - even after wearing that pump the size of a checkbook box. It's scary
for the newbies and they join this list to get the answers - feelings -
feedback. I've been on the other group for 2 years and have had lots of Q's
answered as well as learning from others and through their experiences. They
assure me it's great just as we assure newby pumpers it's great. ;)

> Good luck.
> Kathy B.

Thanks  (~_^)
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