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Re: [IP] Disetronic Infusion Sets

Sam wrote:

>I tried to order some more Tender 2 infusion sets and was told that the
>Tender 2 had been discontinued and was replaced by the Ultraflex Soft
>1.  Has anyone had any experience with this set?  Does it come with 2
>needles for each set of tubing like the Tender 2?  I understand that
>they still have the Tender 1.  Can anyone shed some light on this for

As far as I know, the Tender 2's are still being sold by Disetronic.  The 
new product list I just received with my last order of UltraFlex shows the 
Tender 2's still available.  I can check with my rep to verify 
this.  Currently the UltraFlex comes with one set and tubing combined, in 
boxes of 10.  I have talked with Disetronic personnel about whether they 
will consider changing this setup since I'm now using the UltraFlex and my 
insurance has weird limits on infusion sets, 10 boxes per year.  At that 
rate, if I change out every 3 days, I end up short by 65 days each 
year.  Rem Laan at Disetronic said that they would contact my insurance to 
see if their limit amount can be adjusted to allow for the UltraFlex box 
setup.  I was also told by him, that, while they were considering going to 
a similar setup as the Tenders 2, that has not been decided yet.  I was 
originally told that the Tender 2 setup was designed for new pumpers who 
might have difficulties inserting the Tenders and wasn't intended to be 
used by all pumpers.

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