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Re: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

{{{{{{{{Oh Sylvia}}}}}}}  (Hugs and crying with you) I dread times just like 
this. I have even woke up feeling guilty, if I slept through a am testing but 
as you know D is also stress on us parents. I hate when Tyler wants more 
freedom and I give it or even if I don't!  I try and tell him it's me, I'm 
the nervous mom and I need to know he's all right even if he's sure he is. He 
has a dance today after school and of course he insisted I don't volunteer to 
help and he's not happy I'm the transportation home but I promised to let him 
control the radio and I won't talk about the dance in front of his friends!

 I asked him to test before the dance and not to forget to bolus for any food 
etc.. Glares shooting across the room. Yes, it stinks! Why can't my kid go to 
a dance without counting the carbs in every drink or snack. He told me once, 
pre-pump, that he was sick of me watching him all the time, but its so hard. 
You know how fast something can happen. I'm trying to find ways to help, 
two-way radios, watches and check-in times. All this and still I'm worried 
whenever he's away from me.

 He also asked me, after a low event, if he'd ever be able to live alone and 
if he did how could he survive a low episode like the ones he had. All I 
could tell him was that we'd do everything we could to help him learn how to 
live with D and that he had to be more responsible about his health than I 
ever thought about being when I was young. Also, Thank to all of you on these 
boards, I have tips to share with him and examples of adults living with D 
longer than he has.  Sylvia, we all feel like we can't do this but as you 
know we have to so we vent and we go on, praying for a cure.

 Dee,  Ty's mom 
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