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RE: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

Oh Syliva!
My heart does go out to you!  It has to be terrible to be a parent watching
your son so young go through all of this.

I know my next oldest brother had diabetes and got it when he ws 11 and he
didn't want to go on shots.  Back then, that was like  a death sentence and
he went into a coma and they didn't know if he was going to live or die.
Praise God he did live and went on shots but he never did have good control
over the diab.  March 2000 he had his pancreas/kidney transplant and is
doing wonderful now.

I was only 6 when he became diabetic and things were hazy for me to remember
but I know that I had all the symptoms of being diabetic when I turned 13.
I checked my urine (then that was the only way) and knew for a month before
I told my parents.  I had to get it in my head that this was going to be
w/me for the rest of my life.

When I told my parents, it was like someone had died and everyone was
crying.  I had no idea of all of the implications of what it was to be a
diabetic other than my grandfather having gone blind from it and my brother
being in the coma (which if I had waited much longer, would have been in one
myself)  So my parents had to deal with two diabetics...

Josh will soon start to learn about his symptoms of having his b.g. dropping
and know what to do for it and yes, the headaches come along with it but as
he grows and learns to recognize it better, he will be able to try and catch
them before it goes too low.

About his mosquito bites and welts, do you have a cat or a dog?  If so, is
is possible that they have fleas?  I know when I had dogs, they had gotten
fleas from the neighbor's dogs and they used to bite me and I had welts all
over the place!

Do you live in an area where there are deer around?  Has he been playing out
in the woods that you suspect lymes disease?

Could it be an allergy to some type of clothing or material that he is
wearing?  A food allergy?  Our bodies certainly are weird and we can become
allergic to practically anything.

Don't worry about the lymes disease.  The first thing they will do is put
someone on strong antibiotics and that's the only thing that they can do so
that's a good thing that he is taking them.

Don't fall apart on him sylvia.  I know it is hard but you have to be the
strong one!  We are here for you so you can vent and get encouragement from
us and know we're not supposed to get into other subjects, but well, I know
my faith in Jesus helps me more than anything else in the world and gives me
tons of strength.

 Don't keep on thinking that Josh will have this for the rest of his life!
You've got to be more positive about that one!  I've been waiting for a cure
for 35 years and many more diabetics waiting even longer...but we are so
close now...what with the islet cell transplants becoming so successful and
the stem cell research....Josh WILL live to see a cure and be freed of the

Don't ask yourself Why because you're not going to get an answer.  I used to
ask myself why with my son Josh, why everything had to happen to him...no
one had any answers and so we just learned to accept, adapt and adjust and
live through it.  Now, he also has diabetes and I pray for a cure for him
and for my unborn grandchildren that will come..but it will come! You have
to be positive on that one.

I will keep you and Josh in my prayers, Josh for wisdom in handling his
diabetes and that he stay healthy and well and you for courage and strength
and peace!

Be well!
Kathy B.
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