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Re: [IP] a mom's anguish...vent

I just wanted to tell you that maybe your son doesn't realize it now, but he
will always love you and appreciate what you have done for him. I am 18 and
have only had diabetes for a little over a year...and still, I can't believe
how much work my mother does to get me going and make me function. She has
told me how she has cried about me getting this disease, and it makes me
feel loved and makes me feel better that someone understands or knows what I
am going through. I wish that I could comfort you somehow, but I can't
except for saying that you being by him and helping him through these times
actually helps minimize the possibility of complications. I just wish you
and your son luck. I am sure that as he grows older, things will get better.
(Also, I know about the Freestyle deal. I have one too. I find that my blood
sugars differ vastly if I use my finger or arm.) Good luck Sylvia!
Kathleen :-)
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