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Re: [IP] I want to scream and cry!


  The symptoms you describes in this vent about the breathing and the chest 
pains and ending up ion the ER having all the cardiac tests done and 
everything being fine sounds EXACTLY like what I went through almost two 
years ago.  I mean EXACTLY.  And mine went on for almost 6 months before I 
ended up at a , man, what is the name of the breathing doctor???  Anyway, I 
have asthma!!!!  I still don't believe it, but at 45-46 I was newly diagnosed 
with asthma.  The doc said that it is not uncommon, that he has some elderly 
patients come in that are newly dxd.  Anyway, the breathing treatments 
worked, the pain and breathing difficulties went away and that was almost two 
years ago now (I think!) and I haven't had another 'attack'  But believe me 
they checked me out for clots, for cardiac, for everything before thinking 
about asthma.  Just thought I would share this with you.  And, I'm just a mom 
of a T1 son.  So I don't have to deal with the complications of diabetes to 
my body, like you do!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua
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