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[IP] Re: carb counting

>>> When I first got my pump ('93) it was a requirement that carb counting
be employed.  With the proliferation of pumps that may not be true anymore.
Jack >>>

This saddens me. Why? Cuz I started pumping in '83 and my endo was a
pioneer. Today he tells me to stick with the exchange plan cuz it's easier!
I just found out 2 years ago there was such a thing as carb counting. I feel
even now he is *cheating* people out of using a pump cuz he thinks they'll
*fail.* After 19 years of him dealing with pumps, he still has about only
two dozen pumpers. Thanks to the 'net I have learned about 17 diff. things
about pumping that I had not been taught. :(   (~_^)

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