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[IP] 2 Questions?? Need advice!

-hey all!
 Just 2 quick questions that I need some advice on. 
 I have 6 blisters on both of my feet! I know I should
be careful, but I am 20 and I saw these cute sandles
to wear, then I wore them on campus all day! Walking
from one side of campus to the other! But anyway I
know what created the problem, but now how to solve
it.. I am putting neosproion and band aids on them but
they are not healing that fast. Is there anything else
that works better OTC or that maybe my dr can
prescribe? If anybody has had any luck with any
treatments please let me know!

The other questoin is that I am contantly tired I am
talking 3 hour naps and 8-10 sleep at night! I know i
am a full time college student with diabetes but this
is starting to get me down. My bg are staying pretty
normal. Does anyone else out there have this problems?
Does anyone on here take vitiams that helps with
energy???? If so please let me know! Thanks for all
the advice!!


- Just remember ....
   "It is not how far you walk, but it is how deep the 
             foot prints you left behind!"

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