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[IP] Baby update

Thank you to everyone who responded about my baby question.  We are going
home tomorrow!

To give a few more details:  When Abby was born by c-section at 37 weeks,
she was 9 lbs 15 ozs.  She was taken to ICU for breathing problems - docs
are supposing amniotic fluid on her lungs.  She progressed in 4 days to
only needing a nasal cannula with oxygen and a few days later she needed
no oxygen.  The next hurdle is to get her to eat.  Because she was such a
big girl, she's required to eat over 3 ozs every 3 hours.  It's not that
she has a problem suckling or nippling, but she has a problem completeing
98 cc!!  They're very concerned/strict about how much she's getting to

We're coming home tomorrow with a feeding tube - we're going to have to
get her adept at eating and the tube can come out.  I'm wanting to
breastfeed, so we're going to have to rent one of the scales that allows
you to weight a baby before and after eating to determine how much she's
actually taking in.  The hospital staff has allowed us to breastfeed two
times for about 10 minutes each time.  She's taking about half of her
feeding in that time.  

We're hoping everything will go well and the tube will be gone in a week
or two.  Thanks for the great support and responses.  It's helped calm my
first-time-mother nerves!!

Julie S.

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