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[IP] Re: Non-Carb counting pumpers

 > This is the first time I have heard of someone
 > not carb counting while on the pump.

My former endo occasionally questioned me on how many grams I would use for 
various foods, bread, banana, etc.  He said that most of his pumping 
patients had a very hard time with figuring the right numbers.  He had the 
ones that didn't understand it to eat a fairly consistent meal plan and 
keep good track of their bg readings.  If they take 8 units for waffles and 
orange juice and their bg goes down, the next time they would take less.  I 
was amazed by this, but everyone isn't as motivated, conscientious, etc. as 
those on this list.  When I first got my pump ('93) it was a requirement 
that carb counting be employed.  With the proliferation of pumps that may 
not be true anymore.

Jack email @ redacted
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