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Re: [IP] Testing my basal rates...

You have great BS. I do the same as everybody I guess we should try repeatable
measurements since they at least give us confidence in the measurements.
Anyway if we assume a -/+ 10 error( could be -/+ 20 % ) so 175 at 8: 00 am is
almost the as 155 , 9: 45 am at. And 104 ,11 am is almost 113, @ 3:30 if you
did the same for -/+20% the numbers would be even closer. The danger is that
when the numbers are subjected a rigorous analysis all may not be signifancely
different and you will have done a lot of good work without the returns you
Take Care
email @ redacted

In the interests of science, I did not bolus for any of the highs and just
watched to see what the levels would do.
So what do you guys think?
Sherry C
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