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[IP] Diet?

I have all the things a person who is on a Diet should not have: wife cooks
great, we know all the best cooks in town, l love to eat great from various
cultures and I know how to take of the extra carbos. I have not gained weight
but I have put most of the extra on my pin cushion( tummy ). I am one of those
with 1Ac - 6.8 and BS range from 30 - over 450. All or the other numbers are
ok. I am losing my balance and I need to exercise for that. Should I be ...
myself or count myself lucky that I can handle such a complex system? Wait to
have a greater knowledge of times domain-I will fail the and will have to
straighten out. I will bet Time, at low BS, causes damage to the brain by
draining the charge of the double charge. I just hope it is reverable.
Take Care
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