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Re: [IP] I want to scream and cry!

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with all of this.
You have a lot to juggle and when things all land at
once I'm sure you feel overwhelmed.
My endo (who is otherwise wonderful) and my Minimed
rep have both told me smirkingly, that I test too
often. In some cases I have found they were right,
when I was testing too soon after dinner and
correcting without waiting to see where it would go,
which was very important at the time when I first got
the pump. But at the same time 3/4 of my infusion sets
weren't working and I had to constsntly check to make
sure the semi-highs didn't go up and up. Also, for the
time being, I have set my BG goal at 150 or so to
really ease into the pump thing and feeling
comfortable with my numbers. If you choose to do this
for a while it might give you a break from lows (if
you're having any).
I find myself testing on an average of every couple of
hours, especially now that my BG is so much lower
(closer to target) since I started the pump. When I
hear my doctor say not to test so much I feel like
she's telling me that my concerns don't matter. Unless
you're micro-managing your BG to the point of doing
unnecessary corrections and/or over-bolusing, etc, or
you're just driving yourself crazy, do your thing! As
long as the doc will keep writing the test strip
scrips! I hope you're feeling better, as I enjoy
reading your posts.

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