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Re: [IP] Re: Non-Carb counting pumpers

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From: "Kate Patterson" <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 9:40 AM
Subject: [IP] Re: Non-Carb counting pumpers

If you aren't carb counting, how do
> you know what to bolus for a meal or snack, and how is pumping different
> than injecting for you besides the number of times you stick yourself?

We are on a 1600 calorie diet that he eats a given amount of calories for
each meal spread out between carbs, veggies etc.  So far that is working
well.  He is bolusing 2 units for each meal and is having fairly good

You had asked what the difference is from not being on the pump.  The
difference is not having the unpredictability of the long acting insulin and
when or if it works.  We were on a roller coaster of highs and lows all the
time.  In the first  week and a half of the pump it is much better with the
basal rates finally adjested well I believe.  Last night he was stable all
night for the first time in ages with a BG of about 120 all night.  That is
a miracle for him.

I think that with either method there is a testing of what to eat and not to
eat and how much.  Both methods are similar, where we count calories and eat
a set amount of carbs fats etc.  You all count carbs and learn how the other
foods effect your blood sugars with the carbs.  Same results different
method sort of.  Hubby is not one to change easily.  For him, having better
control and only one injection of a needle every three days is wonderful.

We are going to keep looking inot carb counting and discussing it with our
doctor.  I find it would be mre useful if we go to a vegetarian diet.

Thanks for your support and suggestions.
Stephanie, wife of Phil a diabetic for 34 years.
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