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Re: [IP] Non-Carb counting pumpers

> I'd seriously question your doctor's position that
> carb counting is a "fad" . 

When I went to North Carolina to visit my old doctor
he said the same thing. He also blasted the regimen
that the NYC Joslin Clinic had put me on, saying 70/30
was the best regimen for me (it wasn't) and that the
carb counting thing would blow up in everyone's faces
(not in so many words, but that's what he meant). Some
people, docs included need to say things that make
themselves feel important.  I used to get really
burned up about this, as my grandmother's doctor
refuses to give her any diabetic dietary advice other
than "stay away from (eating) potatoes", and she can't
really educate herself properly on her own.
Of course, some docs are of the "old school" and have
seen so many fads come and go that they stick with the
old "diabetic diet", so as not to muck up their usual
treatment methods. But it really is up to the patient
to seek out their method of choice and a doc that will
support it. 

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