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Re: [IP] Non-Carb counting pumpers

In a message dated 9/6/2001 7:11:06 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hubby's Dr., who is the head of the endocrinology dept, feels that carb
>  counting does not take into consideration the other calories you eat other
>  than carbs along with the fact that he believes that not everyone
>  metabolizes carbs at the same rate.  

That's very true . . . You will see "YMMV" (which stands for Your Mileage May 
Vary) used alot on this list, because the one predictable thing about type 1 
diabetes is that it varies A LOT from individual to individual.  And, there's 
the whole "glycemic index" thing to consider, and many people's carb 
conversion process (to glucose) is noticeably affected by how much fat and or 
protein they eat along with their carbs.

However, most pumpers do find that being a good carb counter, and then 
factoring in what they've learned over time about their personal digestive 
idiosyncracies, lets them achieve very good control of their blood glucose 
levels AND have far fewer and less severe lows than they were on injections 
(and there's been plenty of research to back this up).   For my daughter, she 
went from 3-5 lows per WEEK on shots to 1-3 milder lows per MONTH on the pump.

My  daughter's been pumping three months and we've found, for example, that, 
thanks to the fat in the "butter," movie theater popcorn sends her sky high 
(relative to the actual amount of carbs she's ingesting) -- but the same 
amount of microwave popcorn can be bolused using her regular carb ratio and 
will keep her BG levels nicely in range.  On the other hand, she doesn't have 
any problem with the pasta, pizza, or chinese food that make some folks' 
blood glucose levels go nuts . . . YMMV

I'd seriously question your doctor's position that carb counting is a "fad" . 
. . but I'm no dietician or physician so I won't try to argue that whole 
issue.  He may be talking about the current fad for super low carb diets 
(Atkins, the Zone, etc.) that are currently popular with the general public.  
But that's not what counting carbs is really about when you are pumping 
insulin . . .  If you want to learn more about the whys and hows of carb 
counting (it's really not hard and, from our experience, makes all the 
difference in maintaining good control), the American Diabetes Association 
recently published a very complete, step-by-step book about carb counting 
called "Complete Guide of Carb Counting" by Hope S. Warshaw and Karmeen 
Kulkarni that you might want to read . . .

Just my 2 cents . ..

PumpMama to Katie (age 10)
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