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Re: [IP] Non-Carb counting pumpers

>Hubby's Dr., who is the head of the endocrinology dept, feels that carb
>counting does not take into consideration the other calories you eat other
>than carbs

That is true. We all learn to adjust for some of these other calories (fat 
and protein, etc.) Carb counting however gives a very reasonable starting 
point for any new food. The real point though is that with carb counting I 
have a way to be flexible and to deal with new foods and amounts. This is 
much more difficult with a fixed diabetic diet. And (at least in my case) 
carb counting is much more  realistic (and accurate) than a diabetic diet 
that I can not stick to.

>  along with the fact that he believes that not everyone
>metabolizes carbs at the same rate.

True. But so what? There is the same problem with a diabetic diet as well. 
And furthermore, it really does not manner in my treatment how other 
metabolize carbs.

>   He feels it is a fad.

Good grief!

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