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Re: [IP] Glucose During Surgery Question

on Mon, 3 Sep 2001 02:06:14 EDT email @ redacted wrote:

>Got this quote off the Joslin Pumpers site:
>Truth of the matter is, you do need glucose along with insulin during and 

>after surgery so that you don't have tissue breakdown as the body tries 
>feed itself
>I have read this many times and do believe it, but how do they know how 
>to give you and do they tell you how much is in there?  Also, to carb 
>it, would it be 4 grams of carb per ..... ummmm ????

Gina, can you post a link to this info or even to the "Joslin pumpers 
site" of which I am not familiar.  I searched on the main Joslin site and 
couldn't find it.  I am having knee surgery in two weeks and although my 
orthopaedic surgeon says they "always" use glucose (but couldn't give me a 
reason why) my endo (who is at Joslin btw) included in his letter that 
fluids NOT include glucose.

Also, if anyone can answer the carb question that would be useful if I do 
need to adjust for this.

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