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[IP] Re: Exercise and new skin cream

 >> I've been pumping since July 18th. This past week I've finally gotten back
into an exercise routine, with two out of three of my kids back in school. I
test my bg before I exercise and then immediately after. <<

I need to check in the middle of exercise, so that if I'm falling or going 
up too quickly, I can adjust.

 >> My problem is my bg
drops an hour or two later. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my
basals. I've tried disconnecting while I exercise, I've tried leaving the
pump on. I'm wondering if I shouldn't set a temporary basal for 2 to 3 hours
after exercise. Any input would be appreciated. I"m trying to lose some
weight, it kind of defeats the process if I'm having to treat lows. <<

My regimen, for a fairly intense 2 hour session, is to disconnect and eat a 
20 to 25 gram snack bar.  The snack bar kicks in gradually about when I 
would go low, after and during the exercize.  It is easiest for me this 
way.  If I burn off fewer carbs I will bolus accordingly.  If you need to 
take 8 grams of carb for your low, take that before you exercize.  I don't 
think you need to worry about not losing if what you eat is part of your 
meal plan anyway (fruit?).  YMMV

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