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[IP] faking it?

I have the opposite problem.  I downplay my diabetes so much that people
forget I have it!  Then I feel like I have to go with the flow, so I
hide when I am having a real problem, and don't ask for help.
Underlying all this is my fear that if I do show a problem, they will
think I am doing it for sympathy.  (I grew up with a brother who did
that -- not with diabetes, but with whatever illness he could exploit).
I am lucky because I don't have a problem with detecting lows, and have
always been able to take care of it myself.
The flip side is that I have little tolerance with my hubbie, also
diabetic, who can't take care of himself when he has severe lows.  I
know he is not faking it, but something deep down in my psyche resents
him for needing help -- as wrong as it sounds.
Maybe this is how others who aren't diabetic feel?  Just a little stream
of consciousness thinking......  for whatever it is worth.
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