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Re: [IP] Re: Exercise

In a message dated 9/5/2001 6:33:32 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  I 
>  test my bg before I exercise and then immediately after.  My problem is my 
> bg 
>  drops an hour or two later.  I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with my 
>  basals.  I've tried disconnecting while I exercise, I've tried leaving the 
>  pump on.  I'm wondering if I shouldn't set a temporary basal for 2 to 3 
> hours 
>  after exercise. 

Adjusting your basals to account for exercise is a VERY individual thing, so 
you're going to have to experiment . . . For my daughter, having to eat right 
before or right after exercise is NOT what she wants to do, so we've worked 
with various durations and percentages of temporary basal reductions to see 
what works . . . What we found that works *for her* is to do a temp basal of 
-50% beginning about a half hour (or less, when we forget to think ahead 
<g!>) prior to the start of exercise that will last more than 30 minutes 
(less than 30 minutes exercise doesn't seem to impact things very much).  For 
up to about an hour's worth of exercise (hip hop dancing, basektball, or 
tennis, in most cases), we set the temp basal to last for about a half hour 
after the end of the exercise.  For more than an hour and up to 2 hours of 
exercise, we leave the temp basal one for about an hour after the end of 
exercise.    Of course, if swimming is involved, it all gets more complicated 
because there's such variability in the level of activity, and the temp of 
the water also has a big impact on things . . . Ssometimes we need NO basal 
insulin going when she swims and sometimes we can leave things as they are -- 
and sometimes the -50% does the trick . . . We just play it by ear, and tend 
to err on the side of possibly letting her run a little high when she's in 
the water . . .

Good on you for making the time to exercise . . . Just do some 
experiementing.  You'll soon figure out what'll work for you . . .

PumpMama to Katie
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