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[IP] kids on pump in school plus more

Hi! My sons school has 600 kids, he's the ONLY Diabetic! It is 1:600 with type
1 Diabetes right? I guess he is IT! 1200 or so kids and 7 Diabetics is alot!
Glad so many have pumps though!

Kevins first week was rough...new school. (Same school, different campus), new
teachers, no nurse at this campus. He went high for the first 2 days, low the
last 2...so we basal tested over the long weekend. Found out, basals are great
and we just changed the boluses. SO, yesterday was great! NO LOWS...today, he
was 66 again 2 hours after the meal! SHEESH. The Math teacher is very good
about it, but it has to get old! Every time the phone rings at work, I'm sure
it will be Kevin!
The only thing we can figure is that he woke up with a 80 bg (ran between
90-110 most of the night that we checked....it was after soccer) and we did .4
less. According to his carb:insulin ratio, we probably SHOULD have done .8
less. Live and learn!

Thanks for everyones help with the 504 plan. I think it is finally "in place."
It took a bit to convince them I was serious about this.

Mom to Kevin, 13, dx 12/98
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