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[IP] Good news

Sorry, but I have some great news that I just can't hide.  After 2-3 years
of retinopathy surgeries, my "bad" eye developed a cataract.  I had that
taken care of 2 weeks ago and my sight in my "bad" eye has never been better
(except for when I had 20/20 before all this).  It went down 3 lines on the
charts.  I am just so happy.  My retinologist at a time didn't think this
eye would ever make it.  After pumping for 2 years, my sight has stabalized
and will only get better in time (slow healing process, like a scar).  I may
b"tch and complain about pumping, but I am so thankful for mine.
Sorry if this is a selfish post, but I have no one else to talk to except
for you all who understand at least somewhat.
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