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[IP] vitamins with iron don't mix with synthroid!

Hi everyone,
   I've been reading the recent posts about what to take for a cold.  Some
have mentioned that they take a multi-vitamin.
    I used to give my son a multi-vitamin (and still should) but when we
went to the endo he asked what Johnny took other than his insulin and
synthroid (for his thyroid problem).  I told him that he took Claritin
redi-tabs and then as an afterthought said a multi-vitamin. He then asked
when I gave him his pills.  I told him that I gave him all three together,
in the morning.   He informed me NOT to give him the multi-vitamin at the
same time I gave him the synthroid if the multi-vitamin contained iron.  The
iron destroys the effect of the synthroid if given together.  He said if I
wanted to give him a multi-vitamin, to give it to him at least 3 hours after
giving him his synthroid.
     I didn't know that iron and synthroid dont mix.  So if anyone is taking
synthroid, make sure you don't take a multi-vitamin with iron at the same
time you're taking your synyhroid!
Dianne, Mom to Johnny 9
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