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Re: [IP] Prednisone and BG

Thanks for the idea. I forgot to mention I use a dual wave..My BGs after
that time period come down to 120-130 which is decent for the situation I am
in and is ok with my endo. I'll try the square wave  and see what happens
Thanks again!
Wish upon a star
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From: Annie B <email @ redacted>
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Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2001 5:41 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] Prednisone and BG

> It sounds like when you take your meds. in the AM
> instead of bolusing 6 units all at once which only
> stays in your system for about and hour try doing a
> square wave bolus of 6 units from the time you take
> the medicine until lunch time. What happens to your BS
> from lunch until dinner is it 250-280 also???  Eat
> breakfast and bolus for what you eat.  Square wave
> works well with me instead of taking all that insulin
> at one time and within an hour it is gone. Also you
> can set a higher basal at a certain time you take your
> pill every morning until you don't need that much
> insulin and then set another lower basal instead of
> taking 6 units at one time that only lasts an hour.
> That's why you are having a hard time keeping the BS
> down.
> I had to do that in the mornings.  The BS were fine
> when I got up but by the time I got to work they were
> alot higher and I didn't eat breakfast.  The stress of
> going to work made them go up all by themselves.
> Annie
> 23yr D  1 1/2 pump
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