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[IP] Faking it? {WAS: Looking for motivation}

 >>Kathy Said:
 >>Has anyone else ever had someone think you're "faking it", or making
 >>things worse than they are? I get this a lot at work, and I really get
 >>stressed over it which makes me even sicker than i was to begin with).
 >>Anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with things like that?

 > Jenn, I went through this with my ex-wife..maybe that why she is my ex-wife.
 > David

I also had this with my ex, although that was only a minor part of why she 
is my ex (see below).  I am afraid that I try to 'fake it' by not allowing 
anyone to think that I can't do anything that anyone else can.  I 
constantly down play the seriousness of my dm and haven't missed a day of 
work in 30 years..  This was helped a great deal by my pump since 
'93.  People who know me probably do think that dm is no big deal, which 
may be worst.  I was taught this by my parents, who never tried to get 
sympathy from friends, relatives and strangers even though we were 
afflicted with brain hemorrhage (father), myasthenia gravis (mother), polio 
(brother), malignent melanoma cancer (other brother), cardiac (first 
brother) and least of all my dm.  I've also learned that when someone asks 
me 'how ya doing?' everything is always great.  We can not lie to 
ourselves, and if we constantly reinforce how we feel, it must have an 
effect.  When I tell someone that everything is great, I feel much 
better.  Also, people who ask don't really want to know, or if they do they 
are hoping that you are worse than they are so the can feel superior.

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