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Re: [IP] Prednisone and BG

I take 15 MG prednisolone in the AM and 15 in the PM. In the AM when I wake
up I am at 104. When I take my medication I have a jump to 250-280. I am to
bolus 6 units when I take my med. We have increased my bolus to 1.8 and I
take 2 units per carb and use sliding scale.
But it takes me forever to get that noon 250-280 reading down. Now for the 5
PM dose it don't have a problem with it going so high. and the rest of the
day is fine. back to the 120's. The high numbers last for between 2-3 hours.
I seem to pump so much insulin in me during that time.
How do I eat my oatmeal for breakfast? That raises it even more.
I am beginning to think I need to raise my basals which I will do but for
what time span? and how much?  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all my
health issues. I am in a flare now of Lupus which is causing  my pain to
break through the pain meds so that too  maybe  is  making my BGs higher.
But then I will also be put on higher pred doses next Monday.  It is a catch
22- Sometimes I need a vacation from all of this LOL
Thanks in advance for ideas
Ginny and Bree (medical service dog)
Wish upon a star
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